Yaomazi Food Co. LTD is located in Hongya, the hometown of Chinese green pepper.After more than 10 years of development, with the perssistance of the corporate mission of "add a pepper aroma to the world", Yaomazi committed to the research of standardized seasoning of Chinese green pepper and the study of the food culture.Adhering to the "Green Manufacturing" concept, Yaomazi uses the original ecological green food and combines the triple process of "traditional root system, normal-temperature fresh squeeze and CO2 supercritical extraction", breaking new ground in the Chinese green pepper cultural ecological industry with the core brand of Green Sichuan Pepper Oil.

The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system and gained ISO22000 food safety management system certification and HACCP hazard analysis and critical control point system certification.As the carrier of green pepper culture, Yaomazi Green Pepper Oil won the "China Green Food Certification", whose application value has been highly recognized by the majority of users.















Mission: add a pepper aroma to the world.

Dream: the taste of green pepper?the taste of China?A Chinese taste of the world

Developing concept: green manufacturing

Core value: with heart; with love; think carefully; do well!

Purpose: As a food manufacturer, making food of integrity is always our moral code, so that consumers can get health and enjoyment. Let the people around the world to share success and happiness!

In Qing ? Shunzhi first year, namely 1666 AD, the chef Zhao Zigu, whose nickname is "Yaomazi", moved from Hongya Wawu Mountain to Zhige Citrus farm, where he found that local villagers were also using green pepper to cook dishes. Then he concentrated on the research of the civil root oil system of green pepper.

Finally, golden transparent, fragrant, leisurely and refreshing "Yaomazi Green  Sichuan Pepper oil"came out and became an essential seasoning at that time of civil banquets.

The chairman of Yaomazi, Zhao Yuejun, was born in the village of Hongya, and is also the descendant of the 11th generation of Zhao Zigu.

As long as he can remember, the chairmancs mother and the entire village housewives, would make green pepper oil every year during the dog days. After boiling rapeseed oil in a pot, they would pour the oil into a vessel containing green peppers to soak the fresh ones. And then completely seal the container with the  lotus leaves. After the oil cooled, uncovering the lotus leaf and potting the green oil after filtering and precipitation, which can be used for mixing vegetables seasoning.

In 1992, Zhao Yuejun inherited and developed the root system of green pepper, founding "Yao Yao restaurant" in Citrus farm, selling green pepper dishes with local characteristics.

After eating, the customer still wanted to buy green pepper oil, so he came up with the idea of selling green pepper oil, and built a green pepper oil workshop in 2002.


Commercial green pepper oil has higher requirements on product technology. Based on his ancestral technique, Zhao Yuejun devoted himself to research and repeated trial production to improve the root system of green pepper oil and obtained a national invention patent.

Commercial green pepper oil has higher requirements on product technology. Based on his ancestral technique, Zhao Yuejun devoted himself to research and repeated trial production to improve the root system of green pepper oil and obtained a national invention patent.

we introduced a strategic investor in the capital platform of central enterprises and main board listed companies, and Sichuan Hongya County Yaomazi Food Co., Ltd. was changed to Yaomazi Food Co., Ltd.
Yaomazi adopted CO2 supercritical extraction production equipment and a new filling production line.
we were awarded the National Green Sichuan Pepper E-commerce Marketing Center.
we conducted technological innovation in the green sichuan pepper industry with the Sichuan Food Fermentation Research Center.
Yaomazi company passed the HACCP hazard analysis and critical control point system certification.
Yaomazi company signed a research and development cooperation project for the deep processing of green sichuan pepper with the Kawada Research Institute of Japan.
The program "Road to Champions Brand" was recorded on CCTV.
A cooperation agreement was reached with the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for the preservation and processing of green sichuan pepper.
Yaomazi company adopted the fresh squeezed extraction technology of green pepper oil at room temperature.
Zhao Yuejun, chairman of Yaomazi company, became the founder of "Modern Production Technology of Green Sichuan Pepper Oil".
Chairman Zhao Yuejun was selected as the "Representative Inheritor of Yaomazi Oil Physical Squeeze" in the intangible cultural heritage project of Meishan City.
"China Green Pepper Culture Museum" was completed and formally established.
Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.
The establishment of Sichuan Hongya County Yaomazi Food Co., Ltd.
Yaomazi brand oil obtained green food certification.
We held the event of "biggest bowl in the world" and got the Guinness World Record.
A green sichuan pepper oil workshop was built.
The 11th generation successor Zhao Yuejun in Ganzichan, Honggao Road set up a "YaoYao Restaurant ".
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